His Ordinary Life

A divorce, a rebellious teenager and a murder all hang over Del Calvert’s head. He’s never felt like he measured up to everyone’s expectations, that’s the reason he walked out on Barb and their children, he wasn’t good enough for them. When their teenage son begins to sneak out of the house Del comes home to help Barb deal with him. But things are far worse than they ever imagined, and they find themselves with a son who’s a major suspect in murder. With an unknown threat attacking their family they must put all differences aside to find out what their son knows and how to stop a killer from killing again. This time the target is one of their own.

Linda Winfree’s Hearts of the South series never fails to satisfy. His Ordinary Life is book two and has just been released in print. If you haven’t picked up one of these books you’re missing out, the tension is strung so tight that you’re waiting for it to snap with every word you read. Del is a strong but vulnerable man who latches onto your heart with ease, and Barb is the perfect combination of strength and weakness. These two obviously love each other but, over the years they’ve stopped talking and started taking their ordinary life for granted. Ms. Winfree delves deeply into the emotions of a couple coming unstuck and I found myself identifying with them more than once. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean its easy or going to work out. The suspense of having their child put in jeopardy adds to an already volatile situation and with a fingernail caught between my teeth I turned page after page hoping for that happily ever after ending. Don’t worry, Ms. Winfree has the sexual tension strung just as tight and with the combination of the deadly threat, deep emotion and lust burning bright she’s delivered another brilliant story for us to enjoy. The best bit about this series is seeing all your favorite characters again. Each book is a standalone but really, you’re doing yourself and the series a disservice if you don’t read them all in order. And now that they’re coming out in print I’ll be collecting and reading them all over again.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.