Hotter Than The Fourth Of July

Deacon Whitacre wants to know his fiancťís, fantasy, but how can Toni tell the man she loves above all others that she wants a night spent being the focus of two men? Caught up in lust, Toni reveals all to Deacon and he canít believe that heís not only intrigued by her fantasy, heís aroused. When his best friend and cousin, Lincoln, pays them a surprise visit for the holiday weekend, Deacon sees it as his chance to give Toni her fantasy. The three of them were inseparable as kids and Linc would be the only man either of them would be comfortable living out Toniís fantasy with. Deaconís just got to convince both Linc and Toni.

Hotter Than The Fourth Of July lives up to its name. The sex is worthy of its own fireworks celebration. Liz Andrews knows how to set a scene and match the action to it. Youíll be needing a cold drink handy when you pick this book up. The love between Toni and Deacon is obvious and with the addition of their childhood buddy, Linc, thereís no mistaking the love between the three. If youíre after a hot, quick read that pushes a couple of boundaries then you canít go past Hotter Than The Fourth Of July.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.