Kitchen Matches

Corinne Weathers isnít your typical female, for a start she goes by Cori, and her job as a mechanic should give you a clue that Cori is anything but feminine. Of course the six older brothers might have had something to do with it too. Give her an engine and a wrench and sheíll work wonders but hand her a pot of water to boil and sheíll be burning down the house. When her mother talks her into cooking classes the last thing she expects is to be attracted to her teacher. Micah DePalma is so not her type, besides he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and definitely out of her league. But that doesnít stop her heart from racing whenever heís close, itís just a shame he canít stand her. Or can he?

Kitchen Matches starts off hot. Well, you canít be anything else when your aprons are on fire, can you? From the first few paragraphs I knew I would love this story from Marianne Arkins. She weaves humor and sexual tension with ease and had Cori and Micah heating up even after the flames were doused. I loved Cori. Sheís funny, independent, sassy and shy vulnerability all rolled up in one package. Ms. Arkins breathes life into all her characters and I found myself racing toward the finish with just a tinge of sadnessóI didnít want to say goodbye. Micah is a great mix, sensitive but masculine, and perfect for Cori. I laughed out loud at the exchanges between Cori and her brothers, and I felt the love and admiration they hold for each other. With flying chickens and burning aprons, wise cracking, over-protective brothers and ex-boyfriends that wonít take no for an answer, Kitchen Matches is an entertaining read that youíll be glad you picked up and sad to put down. Iím hoping Ms. Arkins has plans for some of Coriís brothers; Iíd really love to visit this great family again.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.