Master of the Game

Getting talked into attending a pain-and-play party is not something Erin can cope with, so disappearing to hide out somewhere safe is the first thing she wants to do after trying to make a run for the door. Having promised her best friend sheíll stick around for an hour, she has to stay, but Erin isnít about to do it in the middle of everything. Sneaking out to the pool house seemed a good idea. Only Erinís not the only one with the idea and Liam isnít someone that makes her want to run even though her mind thinks she should. Liamís dominant nature appeals to her in ways she never would have thought herself capable of. After one night of pleasure greater than either would have imagined can they walk away and forget?

Emma Petersenís Master of the Game takes us on a journey of discovery. From Erinís glimpse of an alternate life style to her discovery of desires never tapped into, we follow as Liam brings her out of her shell. Liam doesnít just offer pleasure, he offers a happiness sheís never known or allowed herself to find. With a grown son only eight years younger than Liam she struggles to accept that they could have anything more than one night together. Liamís determination to change her mind is true to character and the emotions that both of them go through as they fight to find their way is at times heart wrenching. Ms. Petersen has no trouble putting the sexual chemistry on the boil and she manages to interweave the emotions of both characters with skill, turning this one night into more than sex on command. If youíre after a hot read with emotional depth you canít pass up Master of the Game.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.