Memories of Us

Memories of Us is book five in the Hearts of the South series by Linda Winfree. DA Tom McMillian has sworn off women who work in law enforcement; after his failed marriage he won’t risk his heart again to a cop. There’s just one problem, her name’s Celia St. John and she’s his investigator. Struggling to keep his attraction to her under wraps proves impossible and they’re soon in the middle of a no-strings affair hotter than the desert in summer.

Celia can’t believe she’s attracted to her boss, he’s arrogant, closed off and still in love with his ex-wife. Every instinct she has is screaming to stay away but the chemistry between them sizzles and burns too bright to ignore. But keeping their feeling out of it is proving just as hard as keeping their hands off each other, and when they’re caught up in an investigation that involves dead and missing babies, emotions are bound to run high. When a woman is found dead and Tom implicated in her murder they’re confronted with how deep their no-strings affair has actually gone.

I wasn’t sure about Tom in the beginning, his unresolved feelings for his ex-wife had me a little off side, but that soon disappeared as he showed himself. The man is seriously closed off and it’s no wonder I wanted to tell Celia to run, especially with his feelings for his ex-wife so obvious. Linda Winfree has written Tom in such a way that even though you’re thinking Celia should walk away and forget him, like Celia, you’re only drawn closer. This intriguing man pulls you in with his tough but vulnerable heart. I was left with the urge to hold him close and soothe his scarred heart. Celia is the perfect mate for him, she’s not afraid to stand her ground or push back and she certainly never lets him scare her off. As they get deeper into the tangled web of the illegal baby ring the tension mounts and the connection between them grows. Celia’s loyalty to Tom places her career in jeopardy as well as her life but her convictions and her trust in his innocence have her proving to herself as much as to Tom that what she feels in far deeper than any superficial no-strings affair. With sizzling sex and nail biting suspense Ms. Winfree has yet again produced a story more than worth the money you’ll pay to get your hands on a copy of Memories of Us.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.