No Sex Necessary

Tara Palmer has found the perfect job;wife– no sex necessary. Cole Charteris is happy to have Tara pretend to be his fiancé to help him land a business deal. He’ll never marry for real, and with Tara by his side he won’t have to worry about all the women determined to change his mind. But Cole’s mind is changing, with Tara living in his house he’s thinking that marriage to her might not be so bad. The line between real and pretend is blurring and Cole and Tara find themselves getting more attached than either anticipated. Contracts, lies and outsiders are all conspiring against them, and what about the secrets they hold? Can they really have a future built on deception?

No Sex Necessary by Jane Beckenham puts a new twist on an old plot; the fake fiancé. Tara is a woman with many secrets and many scars, her need for money leads her to Cole. Willing to do anything to secure the future of the only man that has ever looked after her, she thinks she’s found the perfect way to get the money necessary. Cole has scars of his own but he’s not going to hold Tara to the ‘no sex’ clause in their contract if she’s willing. Ms. Beckenham’s characters are solid and very believable; she does a great job with both Tara and Cole. We’re left with an insight into two very jaded and scarred individuals, but I can’t leave out any of the secondary characters. Each has a part to play in the story and they all add to what is a very satisfying read. No Sex Necessary shows us that love can bloom in the most scarred hearts and that even with countless obstacles, love can conquer all.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.