Oh Yum! – Love Thy Neighbor

Beverly’s husband left her for a younger woman two years ago, just after they moved in next door to the very hunky, but very young, David Craig. But even if Beverly was brave enough, David had left for a life in New York by the time she could do anything about the attraction. When David returns home for his sister’s wedding, Beverly is thrilled to feel the chemistry still sizzling between them.

David has spent the last two years trying to forget the woman that haunts his dreams, the woman whose face he sees on every one of the unimportant women he’s tried to forget her with. When he arrives at his mother’s and finds Beverly has been single for most of those years he’s determined to make up for lost time by spending every spare minute he’s home in her bed. But what happens when what they thought was just sex turns out to be more?

Oh Yum! – Love Thy Neighbor is part of the younger man older woman genre that’s proving to be very popular. And why wouldn’t they be when this is a shining example of the great writing you find between the covers? Amy Ruttan brings us a book that sizzles at every turn, but she doesn’t leave out the emotional depth. Beverly is an independent woman with some issues but she doesn’t let them get in the way of what she wants. Well, what she thinks she wants. Sex with David is just the thing to pull her out of the slump she’s in and doesn’t he just do a great job of making her forget about her age and her past rejection. David’s only obstacle to going after Beverly walked out two years ago, so there’s no way he’ll let her fear of their age gap, or what people will say, get in the way of spending some time between the sheets with his fantasy woman. Ms. Ruttan’s sex scenes are hot and not always between the sheets, I loved the way she had them interacting outside the bedroom. Even a blind man could see the sparks flying whenever they get close. And I really should mention her secondary characters; they’re all fun and engaging and add to a great story. Oh Yum! - Love Thy Neighbor is well worth picking up.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.