Oh Yum! Risking It All

Catalina has a thing for her best friend Anthony; there are just a couple of problems. He’s a coworker, younger, and gay. But there isn’t anything wrong with fantasizing is there? And with her life not exactly full of excitement recently, those hot fantasies are the only pleasure she’s indulged in.

Anthony can’t stand to see his friend down in the dumps and he has the perfect plan to help her out of her slump. He might be in a serious relationship with Chris but both men wouldn’t mind adding Catalina to their bedroom and their lives. They just have to convince her they want her because she’s hot, not because they feel sorry for her.

Risking It All is a fast, hot read with a couple of gorgeous men that anyone would want to crawl into bed with. Author Anna J. Evans turns up the heat and has you reaching for a cool drink in no time. Catalina is a strong independent woman who isn’t about to be a charity case, and the fact she’s prepared to walk away from Anthony and Chris if that’s all it is, even if they offer her untold pleasure, only shows how strong she is. Anthony and Chris fit well together. When the two of them join forces to convince Catalina they’re serious about more than a one night, you’re left a little bit more than hot under the collar.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.