Oh Yum! - Sins & Redemption

As Mama Lay, the writer of a weekly magazine column about relationships, Layla imparts some of the wisdom she’s learned over her forty-five years to her readers. Her latest article caused more than a stir but she firmly stands behind all that she wrote in “Sexual Sins”. Now the magazine where she works has allowed a guy to write an article from the male point of view to go head to head against hers. But the guy isn’t just anyone; he’s young, he’s hot and he’s out to prove a point. Not all guys are the way Mama Lay sees them. Proving a point in print isn’t the only place Patrick wants to show Layla she might be wrong, he wants to show her he can go toe to toe with her in the bedroom too.

Oh Yum! - Sins & Redemption by Lyn Cash is a short, sexy read that has you breathing hard and steaming up the screen in no time. Layla has been through her share of relationships and at this point in her life isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Her column is popular, and if the magazine wants to pit her against some young whippersnapper she’s not going to flinch. And when that same young thing wants to have a little fun off the pages, well she’s not about to say no is she? Patrick is sexy and knows what he wants, Layla, and he goes after her with no apologies. The sexual tension and sex are hot and for a short read you get what you pay for. The older woman younger man theme adds to the sexy story and you’ll enjoy taking time out to read this little tale.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.