Cave of Terror

Cheyenne Wilde has had one heck of a sixteenth birthday. As if there isn’t enough pressure on a teenager who trains in gymnastics five hours a day, she found out she is a vampire. Of course it can’t even be that easy, not only is she a vampire but a special vampire, a Vânător, or hunter of evil. Not exactly something you blab to all your human friends or the new cute guy that seems to actually like her. Changes are happening quickly to Cheyenne, can she live up to all the expectations or will she fall flat on her face?

Highly entertaining and fun, Cave of Terror was impossible to put down. Though at times dark and evil, Ms. Bell never failed to inject some light-hearted humor into the story. Delightfully funny with a true sense of teenagers, Cheyenne’s character will appeal to many girls of that age. She is believable and her emotional struggles are on par with most teens. I found this to be an easy read; the author gave just enough background to understand the workings of her vampires without boring the reader. I truly enjoyed the male characters, Ryan and Constantine. Nick was adorable and a teenager’s dream. Constantine was deliciously dark. I look forward to reading more by this talented author. Ms. Bell has done an admirable job of telling a story suitable for young adults.

Reviewed by: Dawnie