A Naked Holiday

Janie and Zane have been married for nearly thirty years. After spending their lives together and raising six kids, they are now faced with an empty nest. They have grown apart and have stopped communicating. Each of them thinks that the other has had an affair. When they decide to take a vacation to a secluded cabin, they know that they must talk to each other and find their marriage again. Can they forgive one another and find the sexual spark that they both so desperately need.

A Naked Holiday is a very quick and very hot read. Ms. Devereux has done a wonderful job of developing two characters who are very much in love and have built a long relationship with one another. Their story is very realistic, and I am sure that this situation has happened to many couples. The background on their doubts of one another, and their present feelings for each other is very well described and explained. I enjoyed reading this hot and touching story.

Reviewed by: Melissa C.

Melissa C.