Chasing Sunset

Sidney McCall has it all, a great job, a great place to live, and a boyfriend who is her perfect partner. Drew is everything she could wish for and when he offers her a night of fantasy she loves him enough to trust him with her pleasure.

Drew Buchanan wants nothing more than to give Sidney everything her heart desires and if that means fulfilling her fantasy of two men then heís got the perfect guy in mind to grant her the ultimate pleasure.

Brody Nash canít believe his best mate has offered him a night with the woman heís been lusting after since they met. Not one to pass up the chance of a lifetime he readily agrees. But thereís more than just food and sex on the table. In the complicated twists and turns of sex, friendship and love, these three friends find their world changed forever.

Chasing Sunset by Sami Lee delivers a solid emotional and physical punch. Her skill at writing sex scenes had me sweating and reaching for a cold drink but her skill in writing the emotions involved in this tale of three friends indulging in a night of hot sexual fantasy had me breathless. Ms. Lee takes you into the hearts, minds, and souls of three very different individuals. Drew and Sidney appear comfortable and solid in their relationship but as we get into the story further we find each is holding back out of fear of losing the other. This is added to when Brody joins them. Brody has deep seated issues of his own that make him who he is, they add to his appeal and draw you in so that youíre wishing all three get what they want. But thatís not possible and the question of whether anyone will get what they want has you chewing your nails and flipping the pages. Ms. Lee has no trouble digging into the deep emotions and scars of her characters, or in bringing this hot, emotional read to a satisfactory ending. Chasing Sunset has all the right ingredients for a pleasing couple of hours spent with a great book. This one is not to be missed and I canít wait to see what Ms. Lee comes up with next.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.