Cry Sanctuary

Abigail Adler had no idea werewolves existed until she was attacked by one. The man who ordered the attack is bent on making her his but with the help of a friend, Abby gets away. Reaching sanctuary and the safety of Red Rock, Abby begins to learn what being a werewolf means and what it doesn’t.

Keith Winston wants nothing more than peace. After fighting the war between werewolves and wizards in Europe he’s finally come home to find it. But peace is short lived when he’s handed the job of rescuing the latest wolf trying to reach safety in Red Rock. He’s not prepared for the instant attraction or the complications it will bring but Keith will do his duty at the risk of losing his heart.

When the corrupt alpha kidnaps Abby’s sister, they both need to risk more than their hearts.

Cry Sanctuary is the first book in the Red Rock Pass series from author Moira Rogers and let me say they’ve started it off with a bang. The skill involved in the world building is amazing and the fact that Ms. Rogers is two writers and not one just shows how talented this pair is. They’ve done a great job of bringing all their characters to life and I’m so intrigued by the dynamics within this community that I’ll be heading back time and time again. Keith is tough, scarred, and gorgeous, okay, so I have a thing for alpha type males, but Keith is more than that. He’s solid and dependable and willing to take risks for the woman he’s falling for, even when he knows he should do neither. The chemistry between Abby and Keith sizzles on every page and as Abby slowly learns what to expect from her new life the connection between them increases. But don’t be fooled into thinking Abby is a damsel in distress, sure she’s got a psycho after her but she’s tough and doesn’t need rescuing. What she needs is someone to stand beside her and Keith fits the bill perfectly. As the life and death drama unfolds so too does the love between them and by the time you finish that last page you’re more than happy with how these two talented authors resolve all the loose ends. Cry Sanctuary is more than worth the money you’ll pay and Ms. Rogers is an author to watch out for in the future. I’m more than ready for book two in the Red Rock Pass series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.