Fall Into Me

Angel Henderson has sworn off men. The last two she dated dumped her for younger women and didn’t bother to tell her until after the fact. She’s more than happy to run her bar and be on her own, she certainly doesn’t need a younger man tempting her to break her promise to herself.

Deputy Troy Lee Farr is determined to prove himself worthy of the badge he wears and the woman he wants. He isn’t about to let Angel’s doubts or hurts get in the way of proving he’s the right man for her.

When Angel’s past and Troy Lee’s job threatens the budding relationship, their faith and hearts are put to the test and with nothing to lose and everything to gain, they’ll need to put everything on the line to get through with their hearts and lives intact.

New Year’s resolution #1:- Buy Fall Into Me by Linda Winfree.
Linda Winfree just keeps getting better and better, every time I think she’s delivered the ultimate hero and I’m in love for life she drops another one in my lap and I’m falling in love all over again. Fall Into Me is titled appropriately; you’ll be falling into this book from the first page. Troy Lee has captured my attention in previous Hearts of the South books and I was more than ready to see this sweet earnest man meet his match. To my delight Troy Lee proves to be a whole lot more than sweet. This guy could talk the panties off a nun without her noticing and poor Angel had no hope of escaping his seduction; not that she really wanted to. The pull and push between them kept me bouncing between laughing, wanting to smack their heads together, cheering them on, and crying my eyes dry. Why it Ms. Winfree is insists on draining me emotionally with the tales she weaves? With a Winfree book you don’t just get the hero and heroine; you get all the other wonderful friends that have come before. She paints a town and community with such vivid imagery that you expect to open your door and step out into their world. Actually I’m wondering if Ms. Winfree is in fact just writing factual accounts of real people’s lives. All her characters have depth, emotion, and realistic lives that pull you in and make you part of them. Troy Lee and Angel are an unlikely couple but with skill Ms. Winfree demonstrates why they’re perfect for each other. Fall Into Me is another shining light of Ms. Winfree’s brilliance as a storyteller.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.