Last Call: Hurricane

Being cursed by an angry ex is one thing, but when that curse has stopped you from having an orgasm for five long years things can get a little desperate. Fiona Logan has had enough and sheís come to the one place where sheís guaranteed to at least get an orgasm and at most be rid of the curse for good. Benito DíCruze is a powerful wizard and just happens to be the owner of the Last Call bar. All itíll take to get help is ordering the right drink.


Ben never gets involved with patrons but when the blonde at the bar orders a Hurricane and then proceeds to wreck his bar with the curse, one he felt the minute she walked in the door, he has no choice. Giving her an orgasm will be easy, breaking the curse might not be. But heís up for the challenge, heís just got to remember itís the only reason sheís in his bed.

I love the Last Call bar and its list of drinks that mean far more than what alcohol is used to make them. Hurricane is the second book in this series of short stories from Moira Rogers and having read the first I had a little clue as to how hot things were going to get. Keep the phone handy, you might need to ring the fire brigade to help cool things down. Ms. Rogers certainly has no trouble turning up the heat and keeping it there, or in twisting some really hot sex around a love story. Fiona and Benís chemistry sizzles and leaves you in no doubt that the connection goes deeper than the physical. Everyone loves a quickie and this one is more than satisfying. I canít wait to see what other drinks this bar serves.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.