Last Call: Kamikaze

Zoe Bennett is in her second mating cycle. The first time she had a boyfriend but this time she’s alone. Zoe tried to ignore it, tried to cope with the clawing need to mate for as long as she could but her inner wolf won’t be denied and now she’s desperate. Coming to the Last Call bar is her only hope of finding a temporary mate to quench her raging needs. All she has to do is pick the right drink and everyone in the bar will know exactly what she needs.


Connor O’Malley intends to be the man to answer the call of the beautiful woman at the bar. He’s more than up for the challenge and determined to win her when his gut is telling him she’s in way over her head. But when he catches her and the mating starts the tables are turned and the night proves anything but temporary.

Moira Rogers brings us the first in the Last Call series, Kamikaze. It’s a good thing this story is set in a bar because you’ll need an ice cold drink as soon as you turn the first page. Scorching hot, this tale of a wolf in her mating cycle and the man that answers her call for help, will have you sweating and squirming in your chair in no time. With skill,Ms. Rogers weaves emotions around a very hot sexual encounter, leaving you in no doubt that this is a romance on the boil. I loved the world built around the Last Call bar and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the rest in this hot little series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.