Life on the Move

Life on the Move by Megan Reilly is a young adult story.

For Casey it is always the same. She arrives home from school to find boxes ready to be filled for the next move. Her father can never settle in one place for long. She has moved so many times that the names and places have all flowed together. Sometimes they stay for just a few days. But once they stayed in one place for the summer. Casey is always looked upon as an outcast, the strange new girl and she thinks things will never change. This last move seems different than the rest of them; her Dad keeps telling her that she is starting to grow up trying to get her to act more like a girl which has never occured before. When they go to rent an apartment, the woman seems to recognize Casey’s father, something that has never happened before. Casey’s first day at school was different than most. The classes were the same except one boy, Ethan, who not only notices Casey, but takes the time to get to know her. What is changing in Casey’s world? What will happen to her newly formed friendship when her father decides to hit the road again? Will things ever change?

Ms. Reilly has written a poignant story about one girls struggle to grow up in a world with little stability, no friends, and a father who can’t seem to find the end of the road. Casey on the surface seems to be a loner needing no one, but as we delve into her life we find that she has the same need for friends and fun, but she has never experienced them until Ethan opens her world to new possibilities. Ethan sees something in Casey that no one else sees, a beautiful girl who just needs a friend. Ethan and Casey may find out that their friendship could mean so much more if they just have the time to get to know each other. Will Casey and her father finally find what they have always been looking for? This is one book that you will want to read. The characters come to life as the drama unfolds and the reader learns that the life on the road isn’t always an easy one, especially for a teenager. Thanks go to Ms. Reilly for an in credible story.

Reviewed by: Teresa