Sorority Girl Pledge Time

In Sorority Girl Pledge Time, Ashley and Blanca are former high school enemies who are both pledging at the same sorority. Taken off cleaning duty, they now must please the president of the sorority, Simone. Ashley knows she wants women and has no problem with the arrangement at all. Blanca is unsure of her sexuality but she is sure that she wants in on the fun. Forced to room together, these two get closer then they ever expected. With their unfriendly past, and a president unwilling to allow any sex without her, these two need to figure out how to be together, and if itís what they want in the end.

Cheryl Dragon has written one of the hottest eroticaís I have ever read. This story has everything in it including f/f, m/m, f/m, voyeurism, and light bondage. It has something for everyone, but at heart it is about two women trying to overcome their obstacles to find out where they stand. Ashley is a strong female character, she knows what she wants and she has no problems going after it. She is sexy, confidant, and eager to try new things. Blanca is all of those things as well, but she is also trying to find out where she stands sexually. Her flaws make her more of a likable person. Sorority Girl Pledge Time by Cheryl Dragon is an outstanding story, itís hot, sexy, and it left me wanting more.

Reviewed by: Ashley