How Faerie Dust Is Made: The Roscommon Faerie Tales Book One

Aisling Bradaigh comes from mixed blood. Her mother is a faerie and her father human, making her a half faerie. She lives among the other colony of faeries in the lush green forests near the Arigna Mountains, but often the area is not too kind to them, thanks to the humans who dislike faeries and their magic. Conall ό Briain, Lord of Kilronan, is out riding when he gets a strange feeling he is being watched. When he happens upon Aisling, she is a beauty. He tells her he will not harm her, and Aislingís fears slightly dissipate, even though her mother cautioned her to be wary of strangers. There is something about this huge man that intrigues Aisling. After sharing a conversation with him, she has a strong feeling this human is her life-mate. The more Conall learns about Aisling he feels a growing attraction, despite the fact she is a faerie. It is as if a spell has been cast on him. When they go their separate ways, neither can forget the other, and when they meet again, the attraction is even greater. Aisling doesnít know if things will work for them, being from different worlds. She wonders can he get over his dislike for faeries and anything to do with magic. No matter how hard he tries to push her memory aside, Conall canít. Once they find a way to get past their differences, they work together to find an equal balance among their families to stop the feuding.

How Faerie Dust is Made: The Roscommon Faerie Tale Book One allows the reader to be completely drawn into the world of faeries. Aisling and Conall are so different in every way, yet their chemistry acts upon them like a magnet. I loved the way both of them are presented in the story. I thought the way wayMs. Wick detailed the settings in the storyline were so creatively done that I got a great visualization of what this fantasy had to offer. Just watching the way Aisling and Conall have to find a way to conquer their two different worlds is amazing. I thought the secondary characters; with the bringing in of the families, was a great asset to the story. Nita Wick instills a refreshingly charming tale that shows a wide range of expressions, within the characters, that grabs hold of the reader and doesnít let go. This sweet and tender romance is a captivating good read.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.