Stranger In the Mirror

Rebecca Estevan, at least that is what the man said her name is, is told that she has been in an accident when she awakes with no recall of her memory. The man who greets her claims to be her husband. By his appearance she can tell he is Spanish. Rebecca tries desperately to remember but nothing forms in her mind. She grows tired and a bit hungry. The surroundings show her that she must have been madly in love to have married this man, for the home offered not much comfort. When it grows dark, Rebecca is surprised when he slides in the bed beside her but he tires of sleeping on a short couch. She canít remember his name, so he informs her it is Raoul. He prays the more rest she gets, her memory will soon return. When Rebecca is able to get out of bed, she gets a feel for the house. After she decides to go through a desk to maybe find something to connect to her past, Raoul becomes irate. He then comforts her with a hug, but Rebecca grows more inquisitive concerning their marriage. She is surprised to learn they have only been married a month. More curious than ever with her predicament, Rebecca seeks a way to unlock her troubled accident and find out who she really is, and if Raoul has been truthful with her from the start.

I couldnít stop reading Stranger in the Mirror after I began the first page. The way Ms. Barker molds the first chapter had me flipping the pages to see if the character would find her answers. Inquiring minds wanted to know and this was one of them. The suspense keeps building and building, making the adrenalin skyrocket for answers. I was reminded of one of those black and white movies where the narrator keeps the reader intrigued and just when everything seems it is about to come to a conclusion, there is a rough turn in the road, only making things more suspenseful. Each time the character wanted to see a mirror, I wondered was she in some twilight zone episode. This romance is full of mystery and has all the right elements making it a classy read. Laraine Anne Barker definitely hooked this reader in this story that is a recommended read.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.