The Witch Within

Widow Glory Sinclair, and her eight-year-old daughter, Cassie, live in an area she truly loves. Esmeralda is a piece of wood that shines with a lustrous glow that is almost like a family heirloom, yet some people believe the wood carving has actually attacked people. Everyone around the area of Witch Mountain calls it Esmeralda, and to Cassie it is her best friend, even though it holds a great mystery. No matter how often her Pa told her it held special powers, Glory considered the stories tall tales. Sheriff Will Moore thinks the place isnít safe and wishes her to leave. He makes sure to check up on Glory and Cassie. Glory thinks the mountain, on which she lives, is protected by the witch. Will doesnít believe all those folktales and Glory refuses to leave her home. Will makes her knees go weak. She promised her late husband, Frank, she would be true to him, but every time Will comes around, she finds it hard to do. He makes her feel alive. The more Will tries to get closer to Glory; she fights the feelings. The memories of her late husband are still tied to Will, and Will is one man who doesnít easily give up.

The Witch Within is a spellbinding read. The story is so well told that it held me glued to the pages. I could almost sense every sensation that spun with the mountain and Esmeralda. I thought the way Glory wanted Will so much, yet still held the memory of her husband, was touching. I found the characters so amazing that it was really hard to put this page-turner down. Judith Leger whips up an extraordinary tale that is exhilarating and top-notch. She makes me want much more. I love the eerie feeling that surrounds the story not to mention the ambiance of the whole setting. This suspenseful read is one that leaves a lasting impression with this reader.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.