After three years of hiding Grace Wilkins has been found. Max Clayton swore revenge on Grace, and heíll stop at nothing to have it. Tyler Sandford has come to Foxfire to start over, but thereís one final thing he must do before he can; take down Max Clayton. Using Grace to catch Max shouldnít be a problem, but as he gets closer to her and his goal, he finds himself wanting something more. Grace canít deny her feelings for Tyler but are they enough to overcome the lies heís told Can she get past her anger and trust him to help her escape a madman?

When I first started to read Foxfire, I didnít think there was enough conflict to carry the book through, but Ms. Erhardt proved me wrong with great style. She had lulled me into thinking this book was going to be a calm easy read, while definitely being an easy read it proved to be anything but calm. From the sizzling chemistry between Grace and Tyler to the nail biting suspense of getting away from a madman Ms. Erhardt took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The addition of some very quirky characters only adds to an already engaging read. Graceís next door neighbor, Brad, is the perfect father figure, and his relationship with the unconventional Harri had me laughing. Adam, the townís personally appointed guardian, adds another intriguing dimension. But itís the growing intimacy between Grace and Tyler that has you praying for a happy ending. Both have their own past issues and having them all wrapped up with the one villain gives them even more to struggle through before they can even think about what it is they have together. I found myself racing through to the end because if anyone deserves a happy ending itís these two. I just couldnít quite see how Ms. Erhardt was going to pull it off; there were so many things in the way. I neednít have worried. Foxfire is an engaging tale, and Ms. Erhardt should be congratulated on a tale well told. Iíll be picking up more of her books in the future.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.