Good For Something

When Nicolette Marchand tried to break up with her girlfriend, she was assaulted and stabbed by the vicious woman. Determined to make a fresh start in a new location, Nicolette moves across the country and settles into a pleasant town in South Florida. There she meets bookstore owner Casey Addison, a woman that delights her from the very first time their eyes meet.

Exploring Florida together, Nicolette finally believes she’s found love. That is, until her ex-girlfriend starts calling. Trying to stamp down the dread that comes from hearing her voice, Nicolette keeps the calls from Casey. Then her ex-lover shows up in the Sunshine state determined to separate Nicolette from her new-found happiness and possibly her very life.

Good For Something is a suspenseful tale about love found in the most unlikely of places. Escaping from an abusive lover was Nicolette’s primary goal when she moved from Arizona to Florida. But finding Casey helped her to realize that love comes again when you least expect it. Nicolette also learned that no matter how far you run, your past can still catch up with you, but when faced with her fears, she courageously tackles them head-on. The sensuality between Nicolette and Casey is intimately endearing and mildly erotic. With the spurned lover stalking the women, Good For Something makes for a wonderfully entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Bella