Alitus Vivaldi is a man bred for his responsiveness, intelligence, and discipline. His lines of people are called Betters. He uses these inbred talents to rise to the top of the Conqueror’s pleasure slaves and become her personal assistant. Due to political upheaval and unrest the Conqueror strips Alitus of his status and he must surrender himself to all that he fears in order to save his Empire and his Conqueror. But will it be enough?

I liked this story. It had all the elements that I like in a good science fiction novel, intrigue, strong characters, interesting sex, and a good plot. But, I just couldn’t connect on a more personal level with either Alitus or Destoiya. Despite this fact, the story was very enjoyable and the sex was smoking hot. Kayelle Allen has built a complex world in her Tales of the Chosen series and Alitus was a good edition to this series. I did find that I enjoyed Wulf more and made a deeper connection with those characters but, Alitus is still a very good read. I believe that my enjoyment of Alitus was marred by how much I enjoyed Wulf. If you like light BDSM, vouyerism, ménages, and just all around sizzling sex with a good plot, then you will enjoy Alitus.

Reviewed by: Hayley