Someone to Share the Sunsets

Allie Nordstrom served as a nurse in the Civil War after her husband was killed. Having nowhere else to go she stayed to help ease the pain of the fallen soldiers. She meets Beau and reads letters to him and listens to his stories about the farm where he grew. After Beau passes, Allie feels the need to take his personal effects to his only surviving brother. Instead of a warm welcome, she is greeted by a drunken man who is a little trigger happy.

Lovely short story, Someone to Share the Sunsets, highlights what many Americans lived through after the Civil War. Many men came home to nothing or didnít get to come home at all. In this story itís almost as if a divine hand was at work in leading Allie to the farm to meet a man whom possibly needs her more than she needs him.

Romantic and touching I was moved by the pain of Jackson wanting to know how his brother died. Allie showed she was strong and resilient heading all the way out there to meet a man she knew nothing about. I truly wish the story would have gone further so I could have read more about these two compelling characters. I will be looking for more from Kathy Otten.

Reviewed by: Krystal