A Legal Affair

Alicia Flint has a reputation to uphold, her career depends on it. At the wedding of her close friend she’s more than tempted by a sexy stranger that draws her like no other. One night with this man is all she wants but after one night she can’t stop thinking about him. He fills her mind day and night. When Alicia employs an investigator for one of her clients she comes face to face with her one-night-stand. Her attraction to him is far greater than it was that first night and keeping their relationship strictly professional becomes impossible.

Gill Baron is at a crossroads in his life. Recently retired from the police force, he finds himself in Jamesville visiting friends. When the sexy brunette crosses his path he’s more than happy to accept a night of no-strings sex. Only now that he’s had her he’s not so sure he can walk away. Once he knows who she is, he does everything in his power to keep seeing her, even if it means sneaking around. But when their secret gets out will Alicia run for cover or stand beside him and defend their relationship?

A Legal Affair is the fifth book in N.J. Walters Jamesville series, and as usual she brings to life her characters and the small town of Jamesville with skill and passion. This book brings back some old friends while introducing some new ones. All of Ms. Walters’s characters pull you in and she has a way of making them your friends. Alicia is perfectly written as the woman with a passionate nature forced to hide behind a conservative shell. The signs of her hidden passion are everywhere, from what she wears beneath her business suits, to the car she drives. Ms. Walters brings that passion to the forefront with scorching hot sex between these two, and Gill is the perfect man to help bring that passion to flames. He’s one hunk who can park his boots at my front door any day, or night. His determination to win Alicia’s heart is fun to watch, neither of them realizes where they’re going until they get there, and these two older set in their ways people are hit with the one thing neither of them expected to get at this point of their lives. A Legal Affair is a great addition to the Jamesville series and Ms. Walters has again shown her skill as a storyteller.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.