A Little Slice Of Heaven

Gianna Randazzo has retreated to the place she feels the safest, the place she feels loved, to lick her wounds. She couldnít just have a normal breakup; no she had to have her humiliation played out in public. But here in the safety of her familyís pizzeria, Gianna spends her time helping others and rescuing the stray animals that find their way to her doorstep. Itís easy to feed them and win their trust but how will she ever do that with the latest one? Taking in a stray cat is a completely different thing to taking in a stray man.

Kyle Hayden isnít your normal homeless man. Heís educated, has good manners and now that Gianna has offered him a job and a place to stay, he also cleans up to be one very hot looking man. When he offers to help Gianna out by escorting her to the wedding of her ex, the line between real and pretend is hard to see. But Kyle has a secret, one that will rip apart the dreams that Gianna is building, because once his time is up Kyle must return to the life he left behind. A life Gianna could never fit into.

A Little Slice Of Heaven is a wonderful tale of two people from opposite worlds who manage to connect. Finding a stray animal is one thing but a stray man? Gina Ardito has a great style; the way she mixes humor throughout this story had me laughing out loud. Gianna at first appears to be a doormat, ready to drop her own needs and wants for those around her, but sheís not. She just has this great big heart that knows no bounds. Taking in Kyle and giving him a job is proof of that, and as she continues to help him she falls just a little more under his spell. A Little Slice Of Heaven gave me that just watched a great chick flick movie feeling, all warm and fuzzy. Ms. Ardito introduces character after character but these people donít flood the story, no they all add to this tale of two worlds colliding. And let me say Ms. Arditoís characters are just that, characters. Every single one of them has a way of drawing you in, keeping you turning the page to see what will happen next. A Little Slice Of Heaven is a funny, at times sassy and definitely romantic read and youíd be missing out if you didnít pick yourself up a copy. Now if youíll excuse me Iíll just head out back and see if there are any stray men on my doorstep.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.