A Psychic Hitch

Cheri London just wants a child, her life is full with work and family and she doesnít need a man to complicate things further. She meets Darius on the internet and he seems to want to give her what she wants; a baby with no strings attached. Their email conversations are hot and steamy and Darius promises things Cheri has only read about. Arriving in Florida Cheri finds herself stood up, frustrated at yet another attempt to conceive wasted. She heads to the beach. Slicing her foot open, sheís helped by a sexy stranger. Allen does more than take care of her foot, with skill he takes Cheri on the sexual ride of her life. Scared of the feelings this young man makes her feel she sneaks out before he wakes, hoping to never see him again.

Darius Allen Markum isnít sure why heís connected so deeply with a woman heís never met, or why teaching her that the love of a man she thinks she doesnít want is the very thing she needs. When their meeting goes differently than planned he sees his chance to convince Cheri in a whole new way. Not willing to let her get away, he pursues her after she sneaks out, convinced that they have more of a future than hot sex for one night.

A Psychic Hitch is the first book for author Bekki Lynn, her characters engaging and easy to become involved with. Cheri is dragged through a turbulent ride on the emotional roller coaster of life when Allen enters her life. Believing she knows what she wants but craving something else is a struggle that Ms. Lynn portrays well. Allen is one determined man and no matter how many times Cheri brushes him off he doesnít give up on what he believes they could have together. Add in Cheriís well meaning friends and family and you have a story full of life and love. A Psychic Hitch reminds us that sometimes what we planned isnít necessarily what we want. Iím looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Lynn has in store for us in the future.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.