Backtrack – The Huntsmen

Sugar can’t afford to make friends, can’t get involved with anyone when at a seconds notice she may need to run. Again. But when her path crosses with the charming Cassio she finds herself wishing for more than she has in years. It’s time to run again and before she goes she’ll get one night of what she wants in bed with Cassio. Only he’s not alone, his twin brother Fort has come for the ride. Both of them plan to give Sugar the ride of her life. In the cold light of day her past has caught up with her and now these two may be the only hope she has of saving her son from the man who wants her dead.

Fort and Cassio want Sugar but they want to protect her and her son more. With years of hunting experience they’ll outwit the man who has been on the run from the law for years, the man that has terrorized Sugar on more than one occasion; the man who has her son. With the life of her son on the line she asks only one thing, keep him safe. They’ll do that and more, because now that they’ve found her they don’t plan to lose her.

Backtrack is the third book in The Huntsmen series by Amber Green. It’s a prequel to Bareback, the second book, but can be read alone. The world of the huntsmen is enthralling; Ms. Green has built a world so real and so believable that you’ll be looking at ALL male identical twins twice from now on. Backtrack is another great look into this secret world of men that could quite easily be living among us. It wasn’t until after I’d finished that I made the connection to the second book and you don’t need to have read it to enjoy this one. Sugar is a character who has seen a lot and done a lot. She’s a survivor and not used to asking for help, so when Cassio and Fort offer to help she’s skeptical of their reasons. Cassio and Fort are typical huntsmen—strong, stubborn and definitely worth trusting, but after a lifetime of mistrust, Sugar’s struggle to accept their help and even ask for it brings her character to life more. She won’t hesitate to ask for her son but to ask for anything for herself goes against years of doing on her own. The final climatic scene is violent and satisfying, but then all the climaxes are. Ms. Green certainly knows how to write a hot sex scene so be prepared to sweat. Ms. Green has proven yet again what talent she has for world building and I can’t wait for the next book in The Huntsmen series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.