Beyond The Valley

Jonathan Woodwine knows one thing; the woman riding his untamed stallion is just as wild and untamed. She might be the one to break the animal but he has every intention of breaking the woman. The way she rides brings images of her riding something else and his body lets him know it’s up for it. Her skills as a trainer only make him want her more, but now that she’s broken his horse in record time he needs to think of a way to keep her close. And maybe while she’s close he’ll be able to make her want to stay.

Destiny Blaine pens a tale rich in emotions. From instant lust to emotional connection, Beyond The Valley has it all. From the dusty yard of Jonathan’s ranch to the even dustier trail, Ms. Blaine paints vivid images and has you reaching for a drink to quench your thirst. The heat between Jonathan and Victoria sizzles from the first page and it’s only a matter of time before they give in to what they both want. While on the trail they must each confront their worst fears and hope they make it out alive. The story wouldn’t be complete without a crusty old cowboy, and Jack fills the shoes perfectly.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.