Letting Luce

Lucy Hollister may have the guts to drop-kick her computer out the second floor window but she certainly doesn’t have the guts to go after the guy she wants. Rory Carlisle is the hottest guy Lucy has ever known. They work at the same company and they’re also best friends. Lucy has put up with watching him churn through women over the last two years and she’s finally had enough. She thinks she’s found the perfect way to have Rory without putting her heart on the line; she’ll go online. She can have her sexy affair with Rory and still keep his friendship. But what happens when Rory works out that the woman he’s having cyber-sex with is his best friend? Will they both be able to put their hearts out there and grab the chance of a lifetime or will they let the past hold them back?

Letting Luce by Jenny Gilliam is a wonderful read. Lucy is funny, mixed up and generally a great character, she bounds across the page with such life you’d think she was in the room with you. I loved the fact that she was such a complex character. When it comes to her job she’s on the ball and a go-getter, but when it comes to her best friend she’s not willing to go after what she really wants. The way she can laugh at herself and the stupid situations she gets into had me laughing but it’s not all laughs. There are so very serious emotional moments in this book that had me gulping down the lump in my throat. Rory is gorgeous and I can easily see why taking their friendship to the next level would be hard. The man goes through women quicker than a revolving door and Lucy doesn’t want to be in and out like all the rest. The fact the he’s managed to keep so many secrets from her over the two years they’ve known each other only shows how scared this guy is. Lucy’s determination to get him to love her is tenacious and admirable. I loved watching as this pair slowly dug their claws into each other. Ms. Gilliam has a great style and has now been put on my authors to watch list.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.