Living Lies

After twelve years of wondering, the town of Hareton finally knows what happened to Michelle Carling—she’s buried in the basement of her grandmother’s house. For Haley Carling this could mean one of two things; finally getting closure on a past that has all but destroyed her family or the final nail in the coffin for a family barely holding it together. With fingers now pointing their way, Haley must defend her dead father from the accusations of the boy originally questioned in the disappearance of her sister. Only Dean Lawson is no longer the boy of her teenage crush and the feelings he stirs are not the innocent ones of a teen.

Dean Lawson wants only to clear his name. With evidence he believes leads to the real killer, he returns to the town of his youth. While asking questions he finds himself thrown together with Haley and as they each search for answers they’re drawn together by an attraction that neither of them wants. But when someone begins to stalk Haley they realize the killer is closer than they thought and Dean will do anything to protect her. As the killer draws near, Haley and Dean work together to uncover the long buried truth, but will the need for truth and justice cost them their lives?

Wow! What to say? Stop reading and go buy this book!! Living Lies by Dawn Brown is everything a romantic suspense should be. Take my advice, pick it up first thing in the morning, if you don’t you’ll miss a night’s sleep because there is no way you’ll be able to put this down. I should know, I picked it up late at night and didn’t even notice the sun rise outside my window. From the very first pages you’re pulled into the very dysfunctional Carling family. What family could go through what they have and be normal? Haley’s relationships with her brother and sister are strained at best and being the primary caretaker of their alcoholic mother doesn’t help, but Haley’s not bitter and certainly doesn’t shirk what she sees as her responsibilities. The discovery of their sister’s body in the old family home adds to the tense relationships and we watch as this family slowly begins to self-destruct. Dean Lawson’s return and Haley’s involvement with him complicates things further but her need for the truth and his need for absolution draws them closer. With a chemistry that sizzles, it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves in bed. Ms. Brown has penned a novel full of tension and nail biting suspense. The climatic ending had me on the edge of my seat. Her skill at bringing to life her characters is nothing short of brilliant and every one of them is three dimensional and very real. Living Lies is THE best book I’ve read in months.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.