Oh Yum! - Young Stud

Kathryn is still trying to get back on her feet after her ex-husband cleaned her out and left her in debt. Working two jobs and living in an old apartment, the only highlight of her week is spending time with her friend Ryce. The fantasies she has about him might be hotter than hell but she’s got no intention of making them reality.

Ryce maybe eleven years younger than Kate, but he knows his own mind and what he wants. He wants Kate. Forever. As a former soldier and now an entrepreneur he knows all about strategy. But once he has Kate can he convince her that he’s more than a young stud willing to bed her? Will she realize he’s the man for her?

I love this new Oh Yum! series. Ruth D. Kerce doesn’t disappoint with her book Young Stud. And isn’t Ryce just what every young stud should be? He’s sexy, commanding and not afraid to go after his woman. Kate is one very sexual creature and the only thing hotter than her fantasies about Ryce is their actual encounter. Talk about scorched! Wow! Grab the ice bucket, you’re gonna need it. This is one very hot, way-too-short read. I couldn’t get enough so I had to read it again. Oh Yum! – Young Stud is definitely oh yum!

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.