Roughing It

Asia Kandell has a secret hidden fantasy that she’s shared with no one. So when she’s offered a thousand dollars for one night of living her ultimate desire she jumps at the chance. When she finds herself alone in a hotel room with the only thing covering her body the red rope she’s bound with, she starts to wonder if maybe she’s gotten herself in a little too deep.

Ritter is an ex-professional baseball player and never short of a beautiful woman to bed, but what he fantasies about is a sex slave, a woman to do his every bidding. He thinks it was a mistake to tell his two best friends until he arrives at the hotel his buddies told him about to get his birthday present.

What man with blood still pumping in his veins would walk away from a gift wrapped present like Asia?

Roughing It by Vonna Harper is erotica at its best. From the very first page Ms. Harper whets your appetite for more. She brings Asia to life brilliantly; her secret fantasy held so deep for so long that now that it’s within her grasp she struggles to fully enjoy it with this perfect stranger. Ritter is a hunk any woman would get herself tied up for. Ms. Harper does a great job of keeping him from being a jerk. What he wants could easily be taken the wrong way but with skill she keeps him from stepping over that line. The sex is nothing short of combustion, scorching and satisfying at every turn. The added fantasies that both Ritter and Asia slip into add to this already flammable tale.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.