Something About That Lady

When a woman turns up at his ranch on the arm of his very vulnerable brother, Jed Cameron sets out to make her leave. But he never counted on the woman having a backbone to rival his own or the unwanted desire for her his body just won’t forget. When Jed discovers she’s not who he thought, his mind is suddenly following his body and now he wants her to stay.

Brienna Beaumont is scarred, physically and emotionally. Her new friends, Matt and Hank have finally brought some light into her dark world. Accepting their invitation for a couple of weeks on their ranch should have been a wonderful chance to step back into life again. But that was before she met Jed. When hostility turns to lust, is Brie strong enough to fight against it? Or will she bow to the commands of this very strong-minded man?

Something About That Lady by Carol McPhee takes us into the beautiful Canadian countryside of the Alberta region. As an artist, Brie gives breathtaking descriptions of the ranch and mountain range she see around her. She’s a strong woman who has been through a lot that would have destroyed anyone weaker, but Brie is able to fight her way back from the dark whole her life has become. With the help of Matt, Hank and Jed, she begins the slow journey of rediscovery, and finding her love for these men on the way is just a bonus. Matt and Hank do everything in their power to hook Jed and Brie up and the sparks that fly between them in the beginning are fun to watch. Ms. McPhee engages you with her characters and her vivid descriptions of the surrounding land. I thoroughly enjoyed Something About That Woman.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.