Taking Control

Jennifer Steele has a reputation that lives up to her last name. Sheís tough, independent and can handle anything that comes her way. But the events of one violent day threaten to change all that. Jennifer is having nightmares and barely sleeping, so when her boss hires a new employee without consulting her sheís faced with not only her own doubts of her ability to cope, but those she thinks her boss has. T.K. Knight proves to be more trouble to her mind than just being the new employee. With a strict personal no dating in the work place how will she resist T.K.ís charms? The man oozes charm from every pore and she fights her growing attraction more each day. To put the past behind her and move on with her life, Jennifer must take control and if that means exploring the lust between her and T.K. sheíll just have to make an exception to her rule.

Taking Control is all about being in charge of your own destiny. Sure, there are things we canít change, but itís our right to change the ones we can. Jenna Byrnesí story is emotionally deep, and we donít have to try too hard to connect with Jennifer. I enjoyed watching her fight against herself in her dealings with a violent crime, as well as the very sexy T.K. Ms. Byrnes has delivered very real and likeable characters and itís easy to be drawn into their tale. The bank staff are quirky and fun, and even with the seriousness of the storyline I found myself having a laugh at these great people. With a mix of lust, laughter and love Taking Control is a good read for that me time youíre hanging out for.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.