Vampire Knights: Blood Vengeance

Kayla Roberts is a detective for one reason, to avenge her lover who was cruelly taken from her by a mob leader. She’s spent years on that one goal, but when all her efforts lead to her being in the mob leader’s sights Kayla must keep her wits. The sexy new partner she’s been given is not helping, nor is the secret she’s trying to keep. Kayla’s supernatural powers have helped her to be one of the best detectives in Brisbane, but her true nature is known by few; if it got out she’s a vampire she risks becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. With her attraction to Stephen escalating and the mob boss hunting her down, Kayla finds it harder and harder to keep her secret from Stephen. Will Stephen understand her true nature or will he cling to old myths about monster vampires out to destroy the human race?

Blood Vengeance takes us into the nightlife of Brisbane, the underbelly of mob activity and the world of the modern day vampire. Kayla has an agenda, to bring down the mob boss that ordered the death of her mate and she’ll let nothing get in her way. She takes us on a journey into the nightlife she must be part of in order to survive. As a vampire she’s likable and I found myself feeling sorry for her rather than her ‘victims’. The way she uses men to survive should make you dislike her, but I found it only made me sympathize with her more. Sexy Stephen Moore is a complication she didn’t expect to have and her attraction to him only gets stronger the more they work together. Keeping the fact she’s a vampire from him is a struggle but when it becomes necessary to reveal her vampire self, she’s saved from revealing the complete truth to him. The violence of the mob boss is easily imagined and as Kayla and Stephen fight to bring him down their connection grows. Stephen’s hate of what she is proves too much of an obstacle and when Kayla walks away I found myself sad that he couldn’t see past his pre-conceived ideas. With the final violent confrontation with the mob boss, both Kayla and Stephen must decide what is important and put their lives on the line for it. Bronwyn Lee’s tale of vampires and crime hidden in the streets at night is well written and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.