Who Needs Another Superhero?

As the unofficial mascot of Gaia Cityís Guardians, Dayna has always felt the need to prove herself. In the eyes of Rock Hammer the risks she takes are stupid and downright dangerous and with Triad and Theta Wave away, heís left to watch out for not just the lair but Dayna too. After saving her from one of her stupid stunts, Rock can no longer fight the need to have her, even if she is his best friendís little sister. But when she gets information on the legendary Pearl of Isis, Rock canít believe sheís willing to go off on her own in search of it. He knows just how deadly the search can be and when he catches up with her heíll make sure she does exactly as he says when he says it.

Who Needs Another Superhero? is the sequel to Who Wants To Date A Superhero? R.G. Alexanderís Gaia City is full of superheroes and if she would just tell me where the bus leaves from to go there Iíll grab my bag. I loved this book, Iím glad we finally returned to Rock Hammer and Dayna and their smoldering sexual attraction. The sex is hot and youíll want to make sure you have a cool drink on hand, but itís not just about that. Ms. Alexander takes us on a journey of action and adventure in the style of Indiana Jones. Yet again sheís penned a tale where her villains are villainous and her heroes are heroic. Iím so in love with the wonderful fantasy world of Gaia City that I canít wait to go back. If you donít pick up a copy of Who Needs Another Superhero? youíre missing out, but donít short change yourself either, grab the first in this amazing series, too.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.