Rules of Engagement

Waking in the middle of the night to the sound of a prowler outside, Jake Duquesne slips out the back door of his cousin Ella’s out-of-the-way cabin. Stealthily making his way around the front of the cabin, he sees a shadowy figure on his front porch.

After a brief tussle with the intruder, Jake realizes he’s just cold-cocked a female…and a cop. At least, she’s carrying a gun and a badge. But Jake’s made many enemies over the years, so he can’t be too careful. After all, that’s why he’s in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He’s recovering from multiple gunshot wounds, inflicted by his former lover.

When Katarzyna Delaney wakes, she’s handcuffed to a bed, still in pain from the recent struggle with the stranger squatting at her friend’s cabin. Could the night get any worse? Engaged and jilted three times, most recently two days ago, virgin Katarzyna was ready for some solitude. Once they clear things up and realize they’ve been set up by Ella, however, a plan forms in Katarzyna’s head: seduce her friend’s sexy cousin and remedy the problem of her virginity with a no-commitment fling for the next two weeks while she’s on vacation.

Jake agrees to the two week affair, with some rules of his own and for the next several days, they experience unbridled passion. But when Jake’s past catches up to him, unwittingly pulling Katarzyna into the danger as well, both realize their feelings have progressed beyond a mere fling. They may be thinking about a future together, but first they’ll have to survive the present.

Scorching hot doesn’t begin to describe Rules of Engagement! Action packed from the first moment, this story pulled me into its grip and didn’t let go. Alpha Jake is magnetically sexy, always knowing what to do to set Katarzyna, and the reader, on fire. His sensual demands of Katarzyna are so heated they could melt butter and Katarzyna’s reactions to Jake are so visceral, it was fairly palpable. Ann Bruce has written a fast-paced story, full of breathless, intense, mind-melting sex and suspense that’ll have you gasping and begging for more long after this brief story’s over.

Reviewed by: Bella