The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing

Jimothy Redwing is a Wandíring Minstrel. Not only does he travel from city to city bringing music but he also acts as a messenger by taking letters and news from town to town. On the way to a new town he happens across a fellow traveler. Ricky Lennox is handsome, funny, and most importantly to Jimothy, a man of his sexual tastes. But appearances can be deceiving as Jimothy discovers when they reach Kanbec and he finds out his new loverís true identity.

This is the first story Iíve read by Maia Strong and for the most part I really enjoyed it. The characters were very loveable and I connected deeply on an emotional level with both Jimothy and Ricky. I felt for them and thought that their relationship developed at a reasonable pace and that the emotions they conveyed at the various trials and tribulations that they faced were realistic. I did find the mystery in the story to be a bit thin; I knew who the bad guy was from the very beginning of his appearance in the plotline. But, other than this minor quibble I enjoyed all other aspects of the blossoming relationship between Jimothy and Ricky. I even liked the ending. it was not quite what I expected and I especially liked that it left a few dangling plot lines for a follow-up to Jimothy and Rickyís story.

Reviewed by: Hayley