A Wife for Big John

John Thompson (Big John) is a man with a big body, and a bigger voice. His big body covers up a soft soul who is alone and wants to be loved. But what woman would marry him and take on his life style. The lands and the business he works are rugged and often harsh, not to mention extremely dangerous. Resigned to being a bachelor and having told himself he wants to be alone, Big John never expected to come home from a trip to find his home invaded with little people, a woman in his spare bedroom delivering a baby, and a female cook with a male name. Nor did he expect said female to insinuate her way into his big, thirsty heart and soul. What is a man to do? Well give in of course!

Danielle (Dani) Jones needed a way to make some money to travel across the west in search of her missing fiancť. So she hires on as a temporary cook at a lumberjack outfit, only to find that she has no place working in a lumber camp. Therefore, Dani is recruited to work in the boss manís house instead. While making money in her new job, she decides that her boss needs a wife and starts searching for eligible women in the land. But the more she searches the more she finds that they just donít fit! Then she makes a startling discovery, she wants him for herself. Dani must make some hard choices, and decide on the love in front of her or the love she set out to find.

These two characters go through one situation after the other with fumbled misunderstandings, misconceptions, and longing hearts. Thinking that you want one thing and discovering that you need something else can be a challenge for all of us. This story outlines those kinds of challenges and shows us how to work through them. I am thoroughly impressed with this authorís work, and being a first time reader of her stories I will be sure to look for more. I also loved the secondary characters and spaces in the story. They gave it a freshness that is hard to find in recent novels. The storyline rolls along very smoothly, and conversation is always fresh and engaging. Although the admitting of emotions between Big John and Dani is frustrating at times, because they are so slow to see that they are perfect for each other. Otherwise this story was quiet wonderful. I enjoyed the placement of the story as well as the time period. Congratulations to Mrs. Robison for a sweet, heartfelt romance.

Reviewed by: Silver Raven