Personal Demons

Dr. Megan Chase is a psychic psychologist who just wants to help people. She is talked into doing a call-in radio show so that she can reach more people but she hates the tag line she is forced to say, that she will “slay their personal demons.” It just doesn’t feel or sound right and that little tag line is the beginning of her troubles. It turns out that there are really personal demons sitting on everyone’s shoulders, except Megan’s, and the little demons take offense to Megan’s new radio show. Greyson Dante is an incredibly sexy demon who says he can help protect Megan from the scores of demons intent on killing her to stop the show. Is Grey really trying to help Megan or does he have an ulterior motive? After all, he is a demon. Does his motive matter if he keeps her safe? And what should Megan do about the extraordinary sexual attraction she feels for Grey?

Are you looking for something different to read in the paranormal genre? Personal Demons by Stacia Kane kicks off a new series with a sexy demon, a number of humorous secondary characters and situations, and a kick-butt fun heroine who intends to save the world, all set in a contemporary urban setting! Megan is intelligent, caring, and determined to succeed even if she is completely out of her element and over her head. Generally Megan’s psychic abilities have kept her out of trouble but this time they just make her that much greater of a target for the demons. Grey is a demon, literally, and drop-dead gorgeous and sexy. He is the ultimate bad boy! Then there are the three cockney guard demons which remind me a little of the three stooges, a host of personal demons with a vendetta, a witch with a bad attitude, a super old demon with world domination in mind, and a reporter following her around ready to expose all her secrets to the world. All of this descends on Megan simply because her radio show producer insists she say she will “slay personal demons.” The plot and dialog are very entertaining in this tale and the story reads fast. I enjoyed the book and laughed out loud at some of the antics of the secondary characters and was glad I was reading this during the day in other parts of the story. I am looking forward to the sequel Demon Inside for further adventures of Megan and her friends!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.