Harmís Way

Victoria Donavan had finally moved on from her disastrous marriage to her late husband who always choose his job as a DEA agent over her, and is doing what she loves, designing buildings, and has a home is a peaceful area of the country where she can relax.

Then her life is turned upside down when someone vandalizes her home and takes things that have the most sentimental value to her. While the police investigate what they believe to be a kidsí prank, Alex Harmon shows up and informs Victoria that itís more complicated and more dangerous than a couple of kids.

Alex is about the last person Victoria wants in her life because even though just looking at him will get her heart rate jumping, he is the kind of man she has sworn off, a man just like her late husband. But as Alex secures her home and office, Victoria learns that there is more to this man than meets the eye. Itís just too bad he makes his living taking such risks.

Harmís Way by Sandra Ferguson is a well-developed, suspenseful tale. Victoria had her life controlled and overseen by her in-laws after the murder of her husband and never wanted a life like that again but her fear of whom ever is stalking her now is overriding her more independent nature and sheís finding herself depending more and more on the hunky Alex.

It was nice to see the balance of a strong woman who knew when to stand up for herself without endangering herself more by just being too stubborn. I liked both Victoria and Alex and thought that the attraction between them was warm, exciting and sexy. I think author Sandra Ferguson did a great job with this story and I will be looking forward to more stories from her. 4 Angels

Reviewed by: Tammy