The Sheikh’s Proposal

After writing a scathing article about Sheikh Tariq bin Ahmed al Sulamein, Callie Baxter receives a challenge by the sheikh himself to visit the island country he rules. When she balks, he gives an ultimatum: visit La Isla Perfumada to see first hand that he has his country’s welfare at heart or he’ll make sure she never writes another article for publication again.

Callie has a grudge against the sheikh. He’s the man she blames for her father’s death, and she’s determined to bring him down. Not wanting to go but equally loathe to losing her job, Callie makes the long trek to the island Tariq calls home.

From the first moment Tariq laid eyes on Callie, he’s immediately drawn to her. He doesn’t know if he wants to kiss her, or choke her for defaming his island paradise. All he knows is he has to resist her because as a ruler, his people come first.

The beauty of La Isla Perfumada steals Callie’s breath, and heart, away. In short order she falls in love with the people and their beautiful land. Surprised, she also realizes her feelings of loathing for Tariq turn into something much more intimate. She can’t actually love the man she’s trained herself to hate, can she? And can the man who’s always placed his country’s needs before his own finally listen to the stirrings of his heart?

Drawn to the story by the title but not having read this author before, I was intrigued but not sure what to expect. An understatement, but it needs to be said: Jane Beckenham delivers! I was magnetized from the first chapter, drawn by the characters and their passions and beliefs. Callie believes in Tariq’s responsibility for her father’s death.. Tariq has complete devotion to the country that had been ruled by his family for generations. Read in one sitting, The Sheikh’s Proposal led me through a variety of emotions. I laughed with Callie and Tariq, cried at their obvious need to be loved, and found myself cheering them on long after the last page was read.

With so many books out there to be read, it’s often difficult to make a choice, especially when time is in short supply. However, I highly recommend The Sheikh’s Proposal. After reading it, I suspect you will be in the same situation as I am, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ms. Beckenham’s next novel.

Reviewed by: Bella