Seduction 101

Julia is trying to get Harrisís attention. Although isnít noticing her, Eric is. She works at Masters & Masters Advertising. Eric is so jealous that Julia is spending so much effort trying to get an arrogant guy like Harris but regrettably Julia has no interest in him. Julia asks Eric why he canít come up with a training manual on seduction as he is so good at coming up with manuals for work. He thinks that is a great idea. Eric tells Julia that if she joins his three-day-three-night program that when Monday comes, she will be found irresistible. Julia agrees to enroll in Ericís program. How hard can it be seeing as Eric is gay? The lessons are going very well except that Julia is starting to develop feelings for Eric. Why does Eric have to be such an excellent teacher in the ways of seduction?

It started out funny and than rapidly changed to raging hot, reading how Eric taught Julia the fine art of seduction. I mean what is not funny when Julia thinks she is doesnít need lessons on kissing and Eric is asking her things like, ďDo you have a brother? Because the way you kissed is something you would give your brother or grandmother.Ē Julia is about to find out there is more to Eric than she thinks. If Eric taught Julia is only Seduction 101 then I want to know what comes next. Moira Reid is a new author for me but after finishing Seduction 101 she has now just gone on my list of authors to watch out for. Seduction 101 is a very satisfying read. If you are looking for fun and lots of romance then Seduction 101 is your kind of book.

Reviewed by: Cheryl