A Matter of Necessity

Alex Ware and Shawn Matthews are FBI agents deep undercover. Their case is to bring down a terrorist arms dealer and both men go in knowing that they will have to pretend to be a gay couple to elicit the dealers trust. But things change in the matter of an instant when Alex and Shawn are forced to “convince” the dealer of their relationship by providing more proof than a few hugs and kisses. With one single act the dynamics of both men’s lives are changed forever.

A Matter of Necessity is the first story I’ve read by author T. D. McKinney and I really enjoyed it. Alex and Shawn were total opposites in men. Alex was a study in contradictions. He’s a slightly effeminate man who has less than masculine hobbies but is completely straight. Shawn is a domineering, large and very macho man who is completely comfortable in his masculinity but is bisexual. I found the dynamics in the bedroom to be fun since, ironically enough, Alex was the dominating personality once the passion began to build and I thought that it was a nice touch by the author. I did find it a little confusing that Shawn is Australian but works for the FBI, but I did like the accent, very sexy. The sensual scenes were very well written and most of the action was implied and occurred behind closed doors. Because we weren’t given a step by step run through it took a back seat to the struggles that Alex faced as a straight man trying to come to grips with his feelings for another man. The back story of the arms dealer was interesting and I would have liked to have had a bit more focus on what was occurring there. All in all this was an endearing story of love between two people and the struggles that they faced to overcome preconceived notions of how love should be—their own ideas and those of people around them.

Reviewed by: Hayley