The Accidental Demon Slayer

Lizzie Brown is a very organized and precise woman who has her life planned down to the last detail. What she doesnít plan on is a Grandmother popping up out of nowhere and telling her that she is a great and powerful demon slayer and that on her 30th birthday her powers will manifest. If that isnít enough, things are getting very odd around Lizzie and no amount of pretending can change the fact that there are creatures straight out of the movies chasing after her.

Iíll admit it; I wasnít sure I wanted to read this book, I was almost positive that I wouldnít like it. Thoughts of a Julie Kenner rip-off came to mind, to be completely honest. Boy was I wrong. Sure the main character is a reluctant demon slayer but in her case she had no idea that this was her future. She was just a woman trying to live her little life and control all aspects of it. Lizzie Brown is hilarious as a woman who is suddenly expected to be something completely opposite of who she thinks she is; after all how would you react if you are suddenly expected to believe that supernatural creatures are real after 30 years of living in the normal, everyday world? Angie Fox has written a delightful story that will have you crying after reading some of the situations that Lizzie manages to get herself involved in. Add in a Harley-riding Grandmother who belongs to a geriatric biker gang/coven where road kill is a delicacy and spells that are less than savory, a sexy man who is suave and dangerous, a few demons, some werewolves and other supernatural creatures and you have a book that will enthrall the reader to the point where you will suffer book grief after the last word is read. The Accidental Demon Slayer is so good that I had to call my friends and tell them to buy it as soon as it hits the shelves in July. I recommend that you get your hands on this one as soon as you can.

Reviewed by: Hayley