Long, Slow Ride

Lori Nelson had been dumped and the guy had dumped her for a much younger woman. She was feeling so bad that she had almost not gone to the wedding of a colleague, but she knew that as the woman’s boss there was no way she could get out of it. She was drumming her fingers on the table, perfectly in tune with the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin being played, when the very young and very hot chauffeur asked her to dance. She knew that she should decline but the man was just too hard to resist and once on the dance floor she forgot about being dumped and thought only about the man in her arms. When he offers her a ride in his limo after the wedding, does she go after what she really wants, which is time with him, or does she tell him that the age difference is too much and she does the dumping this time?

Jeff Russo, carpentry business owner and part time limo driver, is totally enchanted when he meets Lori. He can tell by looking in her eyes that she has been hurt and he wants to do something to make the hurt end. They fit so well when they danced and he wants to show her even more ways that they can fit together in their lives if she will let him. Can he convince her that the age difference doesn’t matter to him and that it shouldn’t to her, or will their night together be one that they will look back on and always wonder what would have happened if they really went for what they wanted?

This was a very nice story and I must admit that I fell completely in love with Jeff. He is a super guy who works at his carpentry job and also helps his uncle out with the limo business. He also happens to see a lonely lady who needs to dance and then ends up falling in love while on the dance floor. Convincing her to give them a chance is not easy for him to do because her friends don’t like the idea of her dating a younger man. The erotic times that they spend together help him a bit there because he is a very hot guy. You’ll have to read the book to see if he gets what he wants but I promise that you’ll not regret the purchase because this is a very hot couple in Long, Slow Ride.

Reviewed by: Missy