An Open Lure

Zuri Hines is traveling to Nashville to begin a new life. The pain caused by her ex-boyfriend is still fresh and the gash his words inflicted on her heart is still open, but Zuri is determined to move forward. A storm leaves her stranded in Oklahoma, where a mysterious man captures her attention. At first itís his startling eyes and handsome features that draw Zuri to Jake like a moth to a flame. Then, before the night is over, it will be his act of self-stimulation that cements visions of him in her mind.

Jake Lysette is an incubus, and has bedded more women in 500 years than Wilt Chamberlain can shake a stick at. As of yet none has had the ability to completely sate Jake, and satisfy his hunger for more than a few feedings. But this woman is different, and Jakeís heart is more than willing to take a chance on Zuri.

Zuriís feisty nature and abyss of passion will be An Open Lure for Jake. Just when he thought he was destined to be alone, Zuri is placed firmly in Jakeís lap. Despite the fact that he has lived over 500 years, Jake still has a side that fears rejection. Zuri is fresh out of a breakup, but something in Jake calls to her. RaeLynn Blue has written a story about second changes, and love being found when you least expect it. The characters are strong, and Zuri has a witty side that adds humor in just the right places. Jakeís nature would not allow him bypass Zuri and the gift she had within. I loved the cat and mouse chase between the two lovers. An Open Lure left me smiling and content by the time the last word was read. Those who enjoy paranormal novels will take pleasure in this story.

Reviewed by: NeNe