Check Ride

Twenty-nine year old Gilbert Savage is a pilot for AirEast, a New York City charter airline. When his friend and fellow aviator, Mario Freedom, invites him on a ďcheck rideĒ, an orientation flight, for the companyís newly acquired party jet, Gil anxiously agrees. Truth be told, Mario is Gilís wet dream and ultimate fantasy personified.

Mario and Gil encounter a near death experience that pushes them to acknowledge their attraction for one another. With the possibility of termination looming in the background, can the men find a way to keep their new found romance soaring high?

Check Ride is a trip to the mile high club mixed with romance and suspense. Nathan James delivers a hair-raising novel with touches of humor. The characters are so believably written that I could almost feel their warm flesh. Gil is a cutie, but doesnít think he has a snowballs chance in Hades to catch Marioís attention. Mario is a gentle giant until itís time to get his loving. The characters mesh together and form a wonderful union. I felt as if I was soaring above the clouds with the twosome, and was gripping the pages when their near miss occurred. Itís always nice to have an alternative from the norm plots and adventures, as Mr. James has expertly delivered in Check Ride.

Reviewed by: NeNe